Sound and Vibration therapy

The human body is made up of cells, water, muscles, fibres, nerves and requires movement, healthy eating and a lot of water on a daily basis to function at its best. Energy and water are closely interlinked and interdependent. Energy transmission and generation requires utilization of water, particularly through the body. As sound travels through the water body the effect is like dropping a pebble in a pond – a gentle ripple effect reaching to your deepest cellular level effectively massaging your entire body from the inside out. Sound travels 5 times faster through water than air which is why sound healing is so quick to work and effective as the body is comprised of over 75% water.

I incorporate the use of 7 Crystal bowls, 7 chimes, and 3 Gongs in my Sound healing and group meditation work. You will go to a place of deep peace where you experience “time of no time”. The first impact of this is the release of stress from your physical body empowering higher awareness and vitality. The gongs represent the East and Universal Energy that surrounds us all. Gongs have the broadest tone range of any instrument and a vast array of harmonics.

As we journey through this life we all have times of hurt, grief, sorrow and other pain and this is stored within our body cells, our mind and on an energetic level. This can negatively impact us on a physical level causing dis-ease, often leading to disease within the body. We have physical experiences such as illness, injury, stress or surgery that also causes an imbalance to our vibration. At a spiritual level we carry our pain for much longer as we have forgotten how to heal our spirit. All these experiences affect us physically, mentally and spiritually, impacting how we vibrate, how we live and what we attract into our lives.

The gorgeous Crystal bowls and chimes resonate with the 7 chakras in our body and are tuned accordingly. These sessions take you to another dimension and need to be experienced. We work through each of the chakras with the aim of balancing them by letting go of all thoughts, feelings, actions and words from our past and along with affirmations, the sound and vibrations from the crystal bowls are  directed into each chakra.

As the cleansing vibrations encapsulate your physical body, sustained harmonies of the gongs carry you into a place of deep peace. Your whole body – every muscle and every organ – is relaxed,  allowing your body to balance naturally.

For the outdoor lunar events – new moon, full moon, summer and winter solstice we incorporate the use of didgeridoos played by Tom Little (AB Music hall of fame) and Fioroino Fiorino from Didgeridoo breath along with the other instruments.

The combination of gongs and didgeridoo brings together the East with the West, harnessing Earth and Universal Energy.

During the larger group sessions three team members will work with three didgeridoos, seven crystal singing bowls, seven chimes and four gongs alongside our didgeridoo player.  As you relax you will be ready to bathe in the depth of gong and didgeridoo sounds/vibrations that will deeply relax you, soothe as well as balance every cell in your body. The cleansing vibrations of the gongs will en-train your physical body and mind, our sustained harmonies will carry you into a “time of no time”, a timeless place of deep peace where your body will allow itself to heal as the didgeridoo calls, your spirit will soar. We work throughout the entire session clearing your energy field.

One of the components of the gongs in the session is using binaural beats and these work by sending a slightly different level of sound frequency to each ear. The difference between the two frequencies sent (one to the left ear and one to the right ear) matches the frequency we want to entrain the brain to. The brains response is known as ‘The Frequency Response Process’.

Binaural beats can aid sleep, cure insomnia and entrains the brain using low Theta frequencies and mid-Delta frequencies. Theta helps put the brain in the zone for sleep preparation, and Delta evokes a state of deep sleep.

The combined vibrations of gongs and didgeridoo add another dimension to your depth of peace – these are the sounds of the ancients employed by them to empower wellness.

You will be balanced, aligned, rejuvenated and feel calm from this experience.

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