Reiki for animals


I have lived with dogs most of my life and have always appreciated the natural world and the animals living on it. My current dog is the third rescue I have had and he receives Reiki on a regular basis, initially for his anxiety when he was relocated. I live with compassion, peace and embrace and encompass all beings, all species and all life.

Animals like humans have chakras. They too are affected by their immediate environment – the weather, home life, love, happiness and joy, or yelling at them, raised voices, negative thoughts and words. Dogs, like humans, are born happy, loving and playful, so, depending on the environment they are in can influence their overall demeanour. Most aggression in dogs comes into their life, they weren’t born with it. Eg. Being on medication, having vaccinations, they can be a reflection of a person’s internal rage, or a couple having relationship/marital problems. They can become aggressive if their ‘pack leader’ isn’t centred, calm and strong. Reiki will help to rebalance their body, restore calm, relieve pain and stress. When we live our life from a grounded and centred place each day, animals, who are so pure and sensitive, feel it and are drawn to us.

Animals are telepathic, so don’t underestimate their ability. They see our light as well as our dark.
They are very sensitive creatures and will display behaviour different to the norm if they are unsettled on any level.

Like humans, animals have had past lives and Reiki can help to remove past life memories. They can have entities attached to them from having an operation and being under anaesthetic. Reiki works quite quickly on animals and sessions last anything from 10 – 30 minutes.

I am an active member of a group of like minded people who offer our time to visit animal sanctuaries around Perth and offer free Reiki to all animals from all walks of life. They could have experienced recent trauma eg. hit by a motor vehicle, bushfire forced them out of their homes, or land being cleared for residential home development. This is something I absolutely love doing.  Animals are so sensitive and I know the work I do with Reiki comes from my heart so can only be good for them. Animals could live without humans, but humans could not live without animals.

All my healing sessions include aura clearing, chakra balancing, healing with crystals and any advice given to me from my guides or my own intuition for just $50