House/Space clearings

house celaringHave you ever walked into a house and gotten a cold shiver down your spine or the hairs on your arms stand up?

Do you have a young child who won’t go into a certain room or doesn’t sleep well in their bedroom?

Do you have any pets that won’t go into certain rooms or walk in and out of some rooms?

Do your friends feel that they are not alone in the house (or outside) of a particular room? Chances are you are probably not alone.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feel you’re not alone?

Ghosts, haunted houses, lost souls, apparitions, discarnate spirits, entities, falling or flying objects, voices – whatever your interpretation or belief, the fact is, these phenomena do occur in some form in some houses. They can and do affect people, their homes and animals. Indeed, they can at times threaten the life of a person.  It is dangerous to make assumptions and my approach is that everything is energy taking on a particular form for a particular reason. Most of the time it can be dealt with, but can be complex and it needs to be determined what we are dealing with.

House clearings are about identifying a lost soul/s in spirit and moving them on.


There are many reasons why a home needs a clearing – from entities, to drug use to arguments, to violence – these are just some precursors to a build up of negative energy within the home by the current occupants. Perhaps the negative energies were present before the property was purchased or tenanted. It’s possible the house may have a “lost soul or souls” that died before their time was up and need to be moved on. It’s possible the house may have been built in an area that is significant to the traditional custodians of the land; violence and trauma from hundreds of years in the past can still be affecting the area today.

Sometimes the impact is quite significant and far reaching, affecting not only the family members, but also pets and livestock.

Of course not every home is affected and most people are blissfully unaware of the past history of their home and the energy attached to it. The most common call I get is from people who have recently moved into a different property and begin to perceive different behaviours from their children or pets. Also some people are simply not happy with the “feel” of their home, it may just need a good clean out.

Smudging with white sage or sandalwood incense is not always the answer and may not move on the trapped and unwanted energy. I offer “in house” clearing, remote house clearing and advice on how to maintain a high vibration in your home. (lost souls, discarnate spirits work on a low vibration). I have done many distant house clearings as it was not physically possible for me to do it in person. Through a combination of remote viewing and consultation with my guides I gain an understanding of what is happening. How I proceed from there depends on the level of consciousness of the energies we are dealing with.

Here is a list of other reasons you may need me:

  • Is something in your home or office frightening you?
  • Do you have fearful pets or children?
  • Does part of or all of your home or workplace feel stale, cold, sad or scary?
  • Do you sense, hear or see ghosts?
  • Do you think your house or business is haunted?
  • Has there been a sudden change in your health and well-being, especially since you moved in?
  • Have you just moved in and things are just ‘not quite right’?

I can cleanse your home or work place and create a peaceful, healthy and vibrant environment for you, which is important for your general well being.

Work Place/Space clearings – if you suspect your home or business contains stagnant, cold or negative energies, family or staff are constantly sick or fighting, or you feel an uncomfortable presence watching you or moving about, then a space clearing is ideal for you. This can be done “onsite” or ‘distant’.

Space clearing is especially crucial following life changing events, such as a relationship break-up, long term or life-threatening illness, job loss or death. It is also beneficial when moving into a new home, bringing home a new baby and when wanting a fresh start.

Appointments need to be booked in advance for distant, work place and space clearings.

Prices start from $150 for space clearings and from $250 for house clearings (depending on the size of the property or room).

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