Chakras are focal points of your life force and their individual states are vital to your holistic health. Chakras lie at the central core of our body and spin wheel-like energy. Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit all energy (negative and positive). The word Chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. You cannot see them as they are not physical and are accessed through meditation and healing.

The challenges we face in life come in many forms : we may suffer from job loss; loss of a loved one; anxiety; relationship break down; financial stress; poor self esteem; chronic body pain; injury; illness; pain from exercise or sport and much more. Any of these situations damage our chakras and unbalance our system.

When we are in a state of ill health, the chakras may be out of alignment or even stagnant. When this happens, life force cannot flow in and out of freely and the physical body may suffer. Stress (physical, mental, or emotional); inability to express emotions; over emotional expression; unhealthy diet; lack of exercise; exposure to toxicity etc can cause the chakra system to close down.

If your chakras are open and flowing with energy you will feel like you can accomplish things. When your chakras are kept unblocked your body will be able to stay healthy and free of ailments. Your lifestyle and habits play a big part in keeping these energy centres healthy and productive.

Chakras are a part of a greater healing system that helps to keep our body pain free and our mind focussed on what our greater purpose is in this lifetime. When chakras are open and flowing, all doubts are replaced by great enthusiasm and an eagerness to keep moving forward with living life the very best way they can.

Reiki healers can detect if a chakra is blocked or stagnant. We channel energy into your chakras by placing our hands above or on the affected area/chakra. This restores and re distributes blocked energy.


You are feeling stressed out.
You are feeling unbalanced.
You don’t laugh regularly.
You are in physical pain and want natural relief.
You have anxiety.
You are feeling tired a lot, more than usual.
You are agitated by the smallest remarks or activities.
You are frustrated because you feel “stuck” in an unhealthy pattern.

Chakras influence the energy flow in our entire system – that means everything from blood flow to heartbeat to thought patterns, even down to the flow of the energy of love.

Open chakras are associated with being in great physical shape and having healthy thoughts and a balanced approach to life. Unlocking the chakras can result in healing from diseases, overcoming long-standing difficulties and achieving major goals. When our chakras are open and flowing with vital energy, our bodies and minds are balanced and our hearts are open to opportunity and adventure.

To balance your chakras is just $35.00