Colour Therapy

Colours have Healing properties and they have a certain frequency. Each colour helps in Healing certain kinds of ailments or situations in our lives.

Our Chakras have colours as well, which are the same colour as the rainbow.

Red: this is the colour of our Base Chakra. Use it to bring passion into your love life, improve sexual performance, your connection to the earth and for if you want action or movement in your  life. Red removes stagnancy.

Orange: this is the colour of the Sacral Chakra. You can use orange to enhance your creativity, clear blocks and have smooth relationships.

Yellow: colour of the Solar Plexus. Use this colour for career success, improve digestion and increase personal power.

Green: this is the colour of the Heart Chakra. It is Archangel Raphael’s colour, so can bring physical or emotional healing to everyone. Use green to bring in money and luck in your life.

Blue: this is the colour of the Throat Chakra, you can use for effective communication with someone and call upon Archangels Gabriel and Michael. Blue can also be used to Heal court cases and legal problems.

Indigo: This is a bluish purple colour. You can use this colour to open your third eye Chakra, open your psychic abilities and even for protection. This is the colour of Archangel Michael as well, so it has natural shielding properties.

Violet: this is the purest colour, the colour of the Crown Chakra. You can use violet colour or the violet flame to purge and transmute impurituies.

You can wear these colours when you want energy in a particular situation in your life. You can have these colours in your home – even fruit and vegetables have some of these colours and will aid you physically.

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