Clutter and De-Cluttering

Modern day alchemy!

We are all living in an ocean of energy – everything is connected to everything else, so we really do need to be mindful of how we treat, speak and act towards living and non-living things.

The objects we surround ourself with affect our destiny, they affect the way we interface with the world. We are living in a super sized culture – larger houses, less land, smaller families and there are families now who pay for storage containers because they don’t fit in the home. We think that the more stuff we buy it will fill a hole in our lives or make us feel better. Research shows that we are not happier, not healthier, or more vibrant as a result of having more stuff. In fact the more stuff a person has the higher their stress level, how’s that? You would think that someone would be happy with everything.

Clutter clearing isn’t just about moving stuff out, it’s a journey about clearing about whatever blocks you have, what limitations you have, it’s about letting go, a kind of alchemy (it gives form to the formless). As you clear away clutter with intent, clarity, passion, it’s a kind of a quest, as you clear it you will find those blockages disappearing. There comes a point where the material objects in your life begin to crowd out your spiritual and emotional needs.
Simply moving 1 object may equate with aspects of your life that hasn’t been working – a health problem, relationship problem, a family pattern you have adopted, an ancestral syndrome.

Clutter clearing is about remembering what’s important, it’s about tapping into the truth of your soul, the soul loves the truth,it’s about discovering who you really are. When you are deeply relaxed (through meditation), you can connect with the truth of your soul and discover what is really true – what is empowering you and what is depleting you. What is your true purpose, why are you really here.

It’s not the object that creates clutter, but the meaning you give it. Some meanings will uplift your energy, some meanings will deplete your energy. What is the meaning that you give that object and does that meaning empower you or deplete you? Most of the time we are not conscious of what is empowering us or depleting us.

If you don’t love it and you don’t use it’s clutter – it’s clogging your space. It’s creating blockages and barriers, it takes time to take care of all that stuff and move that stuff around. Clutter can also be a trigger for an older association and old memories. For every object you remove, your life force increases.

Why is it hard to get rid of clutter?

There is a fear that you might need it one day. I can give an example of when I had my hip replaced. I kept a walking crutch “in case I get the other hip replaced and I will need it.” So I have already told myself that my other hip will be replaced – truth is I will have to get this done, but am I affirming a lack of abundance in my life? Maybe, so I no longer have this crutch.

It is simply our attachment to the clutter that makes it hard to let it go. Do you think you may hurt someone’s feelings by getting rid of it? Guess what, you don’t change as a person by giving away stuff.
Have you got clothes in your robe that used to fit you? I do and being post menopausal it is so easy for weight to go on and muscles to not be as firm. But I have let go of any body image I used to have and focus on being happy and healthy now. The clothes that don’t fit me anymore have gone to charities where I know they will be loved and worn well. I haven’t lost me connection to my past by letting go of clothes or stuff I haven’t used in a long time.

If your home is full of stuff, there is no space for miracles or new things to come into your home and life. Same goes for your job, work, career.

Strategies for clutter clearing:

Firstly decide what you want to clutter clear – clothes, shoes, toys, books, boxes that have has stuff in them for years, DVD’s, CD’s or even personal issues eg. health, relationships. Working room by room is a great way to clutter clear as there is a sense of completion. Once you have clutter cleared a room you can send it blessings, love and joy. Then you can go onto the next room.

Keep in mind the underlying energy of each room. I like working with Fung Shui because it works. What I mean by that is clutter in the kitchen is often associated with your budget and nurturing, so if your working on prosperity and abundance and also nurturing yourself and your life, you might want to start with the kitchen. Things in the hallway can be associated with challenges in your arteries. Cluttering in the bedroom can be to do with our intimate relationships (with yourself or others). The bedroom is the place that can affect your energy. so you don’t think you spend much time in the bedroom? the funny thing is you do. When you are sleeping your body is absorbing the energy.

Clutter under the bed – has it been there for long? is it in a neat and tidy manner? Again, being in the bedroom clutter under the bed can dampen your intimate relationships. The next intimate area in the bedroom is your walk in, built in robes or wardrobes. What message are you sending out to the world with your clothes? Do your clothes portray, not just who you are now, but who you are desiring to be? Your clothes should be propelling you towards your desired destiny, not that you bought it because it was cheap or my sister didn’t need it anymore and it fits me. Your clothes should be “this is who I am, or this is who I am desiring to be.”

How is your bookcase? Do you buy/have bought many books you haven’t read? do you feel that because you have bought it you should keep it or you have an attachment to it? if you don’t love it and use it it’s probably time for it to find a new home. Objects have their journey just like people do. Do they represent family history, or wisdom, or learning, or fun, or creativity?

Go into each room and ask yourself “how do I feel in this room?” Then you will get the answers for what you need to get rid of. You may have something that has been in a room, not being used, just collecting dust and maybe it’s time to move this item on.

The attitude almost goes back to our caveman/woman days of our stuff allows us to survive – “you have to have your coat/fur in order to survive, if you don’t have it you will die, you will freeze in winter.” So subconsciously an energy goes out when you let go of something, this might happen. So you just need to ask yourself “do I really need this thing clogging up my energy, taking up space for the next 10 years of my life?” then you will get the answer. Start small as there will be energy shifts with everything you let go of.

So where do you put the clutter? Have a few boxes, with one labelled “trash” – if anything is broken, no one will want to use it so put it in this box. Then have a box with “free” written on it. You might put things in here that others can use and you can put this box, or the items on the verge. Or you can take the box to a charity.
Then have a “maybe” box – all those maybe’s items put in here. Then tape this box up and put date on it. Put this in the garage or top of a cupboard and write on it “do not open”. Then promise yourself you will open this box in 12 months. In 12 months time open this box and see how you really feel about these things here. Don’t get caught up in the story of how the objects came to you as this will lower your energy. If you are not going to use these things again, move them on. Keep the memories move on the objects.

When you are clutter clearing pay particular attention to your photos, photos on the walls, in your wallet, handbag – photos connect you to relationships. And there are some relationships that take your energy up and some that take them down and others can be neutral. Go through the photos and notice your energy. You can clear past relationships by getting rid of photos that take your energy down. If you haven’t spoken to someone in over 10 or 15 years and you have photos of them, ask yourself why do you have them? if you are extremely grateful of someone being in your life then you might want to keep a photo/s of this/these person/s. Again notice how much light you feel be disposing of photos that are just taking up space in your home. You may notice your energy shift when you do this exercise.

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