Communicating with our bodies

If we open ourselves to receiving “invisible” messages there are energetic message all the time. We can get a wealth of information about what is going on in our lives beyond the obvious. I have been doing this for many years as I began to notice changes in my mood, physical body, emotional state and reaction to different things as my life changed. I decided I wanted to learn what messages my body and mind were sending to each other and see what influence I could have on that. Over the years I practiced noticing the signals from all over my body and also noticing what thoughts my mind was having. When I was in hospital having my hip replacement I was having my blood pressure taken every few hours. My blood pressure is usually fairly low (110/80), however, a few days following surgery, it was elevated (140/100) and quite quickly. So I decided to meditate (which is part of my daily life now) and lower my blood pressure and pulse. It worked and all I had done was close my eyes, note the anxiety, instruct my body to slow down and my body actually listened.

I have since used this to look into pain in my body and communicate with it in ways that help me learn a lot about the source of the issue. Many times, simply observing and communicating with pain in my body is enough to dissolve and release, if it’s not ready to completely release, it usually relaxes its hold so it feels less intense.

Now that I work with energy, I understand that our bodies are energy and they are always sending out signals. I can feel these in the energy that flows through it, the pleasure and the pain that I feel and the ways that my body responds to emotional energy. My thoughts are energy, too and they are always interacting with my body in an on-going flow of communication and feedback. Communicating with your body can help you learn more about your internal world. This is the basis of Louise Hay’s work. She believes that the body expresses materially whatever the mind and emotions are holding. This completely fits with energy medicine and the understanding that the physical body is the densest layer of our energy, which we can see, feel and interact with. It is not separate from the rest of your energy, but is simply the part of your energy that materializes in this realm.

My healing work involves assisting you into a state of non-judgmental observation by”scanning” your body to determine where the blockages are and using Reiki and Crystal healing for the parts of you that are in need of healing the most. I also offer guided meditations to assist your body in relaxing in a way to feel your body and determine yourself where healing is needed. When you know how to communicate with your body you have opened up the conversation and this supports the growth and healing of your body, mind and spirit.

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