Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks occur when negative and evil energies are directed towards you with deliberate or undeliberate intentions. It is extremely important to protect ourselves and our loved ones from psychic attacks, psychic vampires and all sorts of evil energies. Below is a list of symptoms that you are being psychically attacked:
1. Irritation all the time;
2. frequent mood swings;
3. anger for no reason;
4. sudden fatigue;
5. sudden nightmares;
6. lack of focus & concentration;
7. feels threatened;
8. stays in fear;
9. falls sick frequently;
10. less immunity than before;
11. sudden changes in character;
12. sudden energy loss;
13. hearing weird voices;
14. restlessness;
15. ongoing bad luck;
16. paranoia;
17. obsessive negative thoughts.

There are certain crystals that can protect your physical as well as your auric body from psychic attack. These stones have healing properties as well:
Amethyst; Black tourmaline; black obsidian; tigers eye; clear quartz & lapis lazuli – these are just a few.

These crystals are best used in a healing, crystal grid, distant healing or carrying it with you. Contact me if you feel you may be psychically under attack and would like some healing done.

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