Being Aware of the Negativity You Allow in

This article is not meant to scare you, but to bring an awareness to how easy it is for negativity and lower vibrations to enter your life.
Negativity sneaks in through everyday activities. It comes through television shows you watch, music you listen to, movies, books, newspapers, magazines, facebook etc. It comes through slowly and eventually start to “zap” you. It sucks away your energy, you begin to feel tired all the time and may have problems sleeping at night. because you are more tired than usual you may start to eat more convenient fatty foods that hold a low vibration. You then start to attract other people that hold a low vibration and/or your relationships with people at a high vibration might start to suffer. Depression can set in and from there it is a slippery slope.

Choices you Can make to keep negativity out of your everyday life:
1. Pay Attention!
2. Do not entertain anything that is negative – notice what is playing on your tv, ipod, computer, radio etc. TV shows, movies, music, chatrooms all carry a vibration. Is it high, positive and loving or is it low and dark?
3. Trust your gut! If something instantly makes you feel depleted it is most likely something with a lower vibration.
4. Surround yourself with white light. Think of it as a white light that nothing dark can penetrate. Visualise a white light surrounding you. You might want to say something like “I surround myself in the white light of diving protection.”
5. Keep in contact with like minded people who can lift you up on a bad day.
6. Have no fear. Be confident and know that white light is power.
7. Get your home cleansed every month or two.

It is not until one is left feeling desperate and in crisis mode and overwhelmed with life that one seeks help. These tips above will help you.

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