My aim is to help as many people as I can feel the natural and deep benefits of Reiki healing and Sound and Vibrational therapy in a sanctuary of peace and pure love to restore balance back into their cells, bodies and lives.

We are all body, mind and spirit – we know what we like to wear, watch, do, read, see, react, but how much time do we give to our own spirit? Not a religious spirit, but your own Spirit. On a physical level Reiki, Crystals, Sound and Vibration therapy helped me pre and post hip replacement surgery’s  (December 2015 and December 2017) in controlling my pain (along with acupuncture, yoga, a good diet and moderate daily exercise) and a quick recovery. I was quickly back on my feet with minimal meds or pain. Sound healing has helped me to embrace my challenges in life and to learn my lessons by looking at them with optimism. 

After my very first ever healing, approximately 20 years ago now, I cried so much I couldn’t go to work the next day. I understood this was my body releasing so many suppressed emotions, not just from this life but others as well. Day 2 after the Healing I felt calm, yet strong within myself and wanted to go back for more Healings. These feelings stayed with me for days and eventually, over time, has helped me to heal on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is now my way of living and I keep discovering more of natures incredible gifts of natural healing and use gongs, crystal bowls, chimes, essential oils and crystals to use in my work.

We are all born conditioned and not all of this conditioning works for everyone. There are cultural and family lineage stuff to work through and there are expectations from families. We are living in historical times and this decade we are living in 2020 – 2030 will see many old ways, habits, institutions and organisations break down and many may find this difficult to embrace this. Regular Sound and vibration therapy, meditation and Reiki does change you on the inside and this will enable you to embrace the changes we, as a human race, are going through.

How Sound and vibration therapy, meditation and Reiki healing helps you:

  • it gives you back your power;
  • makes you see things differently;
  • eases any physical discomfort and pain;
  • you develop a better connection with yourself, especially your Soul/heart;
  • you get to know how to listen to your own intuition;
  • helps you to get through the tough times;
  • deep relaxation;
  • Increased feelings of happiness, joy, and peace
  • Better quality sleep,
  • lessening feelings of anger and fear,
  • Ease of chronic pain and inflammation,
  • Stress release and profound calmness,
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity,
  • Harmonization of body, mind and spirit,
  • Increased levels of melatonin – a hormone associated with relaxation and healing;
  • Release of endorphins – self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”

Whatever doesn’t kill you in life only makes you stronger. It’s ok to be stressed, scared, anxious and sad – especially in 2020 with the golobal pandemic and uncertainty of the future. I have certainly have had these feelings throughout my life. I’ve confronted my biggest fears time and time again and I’m still alive. I’ve failed in business, had many jobs, had my heart broken and continue to learn every day. I relate success to my good health, gratitude for everything I have, never giving up, the quality of people in my life, better connections I have with my family, many friends, open to making new friends and happiness in my life by enjoying the simple things. Many people get caught up in “doing” instead of “being” and this is where happiness lies – in the being.

I am not a Medical Practitioner and you will not get any medical advice. What you will get from me is non judgement, open ears and heart and proven natural healing techniques which will accelerate your healing to a deep level.

I have been an animal lover all of my life. I currently have my fifth and sixth rescue dogs, I have used Reiki and Sound on all my dogs to help with their separation anxiety, physical healing for minor injuries, rebalance their chakras and to connect with them so I can learn from them and help them. They occasionally come in at the end of Sound sessions to soak up the love and good vibes.

I have always been drawn to nature and find I spend most of my time spent is amongst it, whether that be at home in my backyard, at the beach, by lakes, walking in parks, on holidays down south amongst the trees and forests, or experiencing full moons, new moons, sun rises or sunsets. Whenever I am quiet and still I can hear nature whispering through the air, the trees, the birds, my dogs and even the sun and moon having their say. I always turn to Mother Nature for answers as she always has them and she always balances herself out. I try and follow her lead with this. I am at peace, whole and happiest when I am out in nature and connected to my heart.


  • I came to Colleen at very uncertain anxiety filled point in my life knowing a lot is weighing me down. Not sure what to expect I trust myself in the very capable hands of Colleen. We had an introduction talk, the healing session and a debrief. After the healing session which felt like 20 minutes when it was in fact 70 minutes my eyes were totally clear like they hadn’t been in a while and I felt really calm. After being home for a while I felt very tired but really calm, happy and so light, like I released a lot. However she did it – Colleen worked her magic and I will sure be coming back ….”

    Marlies Loescher
  • I recently visited Colleen for some Reiki treatment prior to having a round of IVF. With my daughter it took 4 tries prior to falling pregnant, so when we decided to try again for a 2nd baby I wanted to do everything possible to fall pregnant first time round.
    Prior to my visit with Colleen she spent time asking me about what I was hoping to achieve in visiting her and what areas I wanted to focus on. The treatment helped me to release a lot of stress and helped me to focus on the task ahead of us. Colleen made me feel very relaxed, confident, positive and stress free for our IVF cycle and I wholeheartedly believe that this contributed to a positive IVF cycle.
    Thank you Colleen!

  • I have known Colleen for over 10 years and within this time we have both been through substantial changes in life. I became Vegan approximately 4 years ago and found I was on a similar journey with Colleen in regards to respect for ALL life, changing our diets to be healthier and enjoying social time together. We both went to the first (successful) protest at Cottesloe Beach a few years ago in support for the Shark nets being pulled from the WA ocean waters and have been to several other rallies in support of sustaining animal life and not killing them or treating them disrespectfully. I have done some guided meditations with the help of Colleen and experienced some Reiki healing. I get migraine headaches regularly and I have found that with the change to my lifestyle including meditation and Reiki healing my body is better balanced. I fully support Colleen in her work and recommend her services.

  • I have been receiving Reiki from Colleen for a little over 3 years now. I work away in a job with very long hours and was coming home feeling very drained and tired. I had been meaning for quite a while, to do something to help my body get some balance back, whether that was massage, Reiki, or meditation or all of the above. I have always been “open” to alternative healing modalities and I was not let down. Colleen makes me feel very relaxed, comfortable and welcome every time I receive a healing and I know this definitely helps me to be calm. I found initially the Reiki sessions really helped my body to relax and I was even drifting off to sleep in some of the treatments, although I didn’t think this was possible for me to do. I used to get some anxiety as well and over time this seems to be not occurring as frequently. I have implemented some changes that were needed in my life, with the help of Colleen’s knowledge and healings and adjustments I made and this has had a trigger effect on different parts of my life. I feel more clear each day, I have better energy, I sleep better and I can get through my away work better. I will continue to receive Reiki from Colleen as it is different each time I receive it and I really do recommend Colleen to everyone and anyone who has “been thinking” about doing something to help themselves.

  • I have known Colleen for approximately 9 years and had the opportunity of having firstly, a Healing session with her. Our first appointment was very thorough which made me feel at ease including being able to ask any questions I had. The first healing was that sensational, I actually drifted off to sleep. I’ve had approximately half a dozen Reiki Healing and guided meditaion sessions with Colleen and have felt completely amazing after I have seen her.

    I’ve felt light and as if a very heavy feeling has been lifted. When I was pregnant with my son, I asked Colleen if she was able to come over and bless the house. Her simple instructions were to go and do some shopping. When I returned, I automatically felt the place was lifted and felt as if it had been ‘cleaned’. The air was completely different in my place, I couldn’t believe it. I have always recommended Colleen to my friends who require
    assistance and highly recommend her to anyone.

  • I have had the pleasure of receiving a few healings with Colleen over the last year and have to say, it left me feeling so much calmer and grounded.

    I had gone for a healing for a variety of reasons, mainly emotional stress and upsets and I left feeling a lot clearer, the anxiety level was less and just felt like I  was able to put things into perspective Colleen was very gentle but thorough in her  approach during the Reiki healings and goes above and beyond for u as a client – there was always a follow up to see how I was feeling after my healings and is always happy to offer perspectives and support during and after a session.

    I would definitely recommend a session with colleen as there are many layers to peel away with life’s experiences . I find it is also a great way to get a ‘tune up ‘ to make sure everything is balanced along the way.

    Regards and love and light to u

  • I first met Colleen when I had a friend suggest I get my house cleared. I had a whole room in my house that both my pets (elderly dog and a young cat) and I felt very uncomfortable in. I live in a rental property and had a friend over one night, when I mentioned I very rarely sit in the lounge (my front room) as I get a weird and sort of sad feeling in.

    After discussing it a bit more and watching my pets feel very unsettled, my friend suggested I contact Colleen
    and have her come over and do a clearing. So when I spoke with Colleen I told her how the room made me feel and how my animals behaved in the room. I had an idea of what I thought was going on, but being a little bit
    sceptical I kept that to myself. I also didn’t truly  believe myself and I felt really silly telling Colleen the things I saw and felt, she was beautifully accepting of my feelings and she gave me some simple tools to use until she was able to come to the house.

    Finally the day came where Colleen came over to the house. So after she was set up and ready to go I took my dog and we left the house. I still didn’t tell her what I thought was going on. About an hour later we came back to Colleen who said it all went well. When I asked her what was going on she validated EVERYTHING that I had thought and assured me that my room would be better.
    As we got to talking I had mentioned I thought some Reiki might benefit me as I felt broken. In the last two years some fairly major things had happened. I had major back surgery, a marriage fall apart and left me a single parent and fragile among other things. So before Colleen left we made a time for me to have Reiki too.
    In the next few weeks my house felt completely different. Light and happy and I was comfortable to sit and spend time in the room. My pets also felt at ease, in fact I regularly find my dog asleep in there of her own accord now! That would not have happened before, she couldn’t sit still long enough to sleep in there.

    So a couple of weeks later I went to see Colleen with my dog to have some Reiki done. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, I was a bit nervous though. Colleen and her dog Harley were kind and welcoming of both Bella and I. We both quickly felt comfortable. This is a little more complicated though as one of the reasons I took Bella was because she was attacked by another dog – completely unprovoked and I froze I had nothing to help my old girl and I was a bundle of nerves over the fear I had failed my longtime best friend. So for both Bella and myself simply meeting Harley for the first time was something I stressed over. This stress was very much, however, unnecessary as Harley welcomed Bella in to his house and Colleen really helped me relax too.
    Then the Reiki started. I lay down on the table with a blanket and an eye mask and Colleen told me I was safe. She guided my breathing and told me what was happening step by step and then went through bit by bit each part of me that needed help. This went for about an hour and a half. Once the process was over we debriefed and Colleen talked about what she felt. Everything was validated in my life everything she said was true and it wasn’t ‘vague take a guess’ type things, it was clear and concise points that really made me think. I can’t lie it was actually very emotional for me it was hard to hear and hard for me to address but I can’t stress how glad I am that I did it. While we were talking Bella was in the room too she spent a lot of the time I was being treated next to me just relaxing herself. When it was her turn the clearest message I got from her was to trust her, give her, her freedom back and relax. I have made some diet changes with her that Colleen suggested and followed through with the new information I had gained.
    The weeks following Reiki I felt better and better, in control, able to face the world rationally, using the information I had learnt about me to my advantage. I felt free and confident and really good. It’s hard to explain but I think lighter emotionally and free is close.
    I do plan to have more Reiki soon. Colleen is a true professional she made me feel so comfortable and safe, she helped me learn and heal in a way that suited me perfectly. She validated my feelings both conscious and unconscious and was able to guide me to a place of clarity and freedom. I high recommend her services and will definitely go back myself.